Prose: Philosophical Choice

Conceivably, momentarily my brain fled with idea's from the pulpit. It imagined. It reasoned. It reckoned, begged and pleaded.  Mass disguise. Its not new, nor ashaming, and why should it be, its  just abashed with philosophical uptakes.  Might be, I am in over my head,  ...I said. Aught naught to be taught, conform to be the norm.  Bring … Continue reading Prose: Philosophical Choice


On Writing and Topics

Okay, okay.  I've been telling my friends for a few years now, I've got a few books in me.  I do not have writer's block.  What I have is perfectionist characteristics.  Hmm.  Who would've thought?  In fact, on my instagram, I actually follow many who claim to be a site of writers block.  I think … Continue reading On Writing and Topics

Entrepreneur and Side Jobs

So, let me share a little something about myself.  Im a permanent dreamer.  Yes, this really does not get you anywhere.  A mature eighteen year old could write this.  A matured sixty year old could write this.  However, the perks to being a dreamer, even while remaining somewhat hard working into a wait staff position … Continue reading Entrepreneur and Side Jobs

How do you get Organized? God’s Plan.

As of today, 2018, purchase at amazon for $2 bucks used, I'm not anyone you think of as a super professional.  Yet, the disorganization in my upbringing, often chaos or actually no one really caring about about organization in my childhood home.  I stumbled across some information in my late twenties, to figure a calling … Continue reading How do you get Organized? God’s Plan.

Prayer and Those Days

I'm having one of those days.  Ugh. Those kind of days you might share with maybe one or two good trusted friends.  I'm not the kind to go onto social media and bing search my favorite quote that I think is good.  Its just so forever and everywhere.  I wish I could share more, but, what's important, … Continue reading Prayer and Those Days

East Coast Favorite Beaches

If summer time isn't a reason for visiting some of the most fabulous beaches, then fall might be a season to visit while still warm in the south.  Most filled with glorious decadent pristine visions from finding sea treasures to heavenly sunshine.  I wish I had one beach to say it earns a top favorite, however, I find … Continue reading East Coast Favorite Beaches

Stress & the Work Place

Every one experiences stress to some degree.  Studies through out the past couple of decades have indicated the rising levels of stress on the job and how much it effects you personally.  Often management behaves with incivility therefor creating a work environment that is unhealthy and unproductive for many employees.  The unfortunate trade off, a high turn … Continue reading Stress & the Work Place